This customer wanted a Trijicon RMR mounted on his Sig Legion.  Knowing that cutting off the Legion logo would be irreversible and would void his warrantee he placed a lot of faith in my milling skills.        The final result was amazing!

1911 Build

This 1911 build kit started as an 80%, so milling of the lower reciever was needed.  A mag well from Brownell's was fitted as well as a compensator.  After the trigger job was completed bringing the trigger pull to a smooth and crisp 4 lb's, Duracoat was applied.

Ruger P89

These two used and abused Ruger P89's needed some TLC.  One had been spray painted black the other had a crack in the frame and both needed new saftey levers. A little elbow grease and a new DuraCoat finish made them almost new again.

Ruger MKII

This was the "gun in a bag" that my instructors warned us about... This Ruger had been completely stripped down to the frame loosing many parts in the process, some small (springs and pins) and some big (the barrel and receiver)!  Thanks to Tactical Solutions and their Pac-Lite barrel new life was given to this firearm that was only enhanced by a polishing of the trigger.
!! NOTE !! - I can order the Pac-Lite for your Ruger! Pac-Lites have been the proven go-to upgrade to shed weight and add accuracy and class to the Ruger pistols.

More Images Coming soon