I am one of only FIVE Iowa factory certified finishers and am the ONLY certified finisher in Northeastern Iowa! Unlike other shops that just purchase the product and apply it, I made an investment in your firearm by becoming factory trained.

While at Lauer Custom Weaponry I learned tips and tricks, and frankly, secrets, about how to apply DuraCoat.  To say it just as we were told during our training, if you haven’t participated in the factory training, you’re more than likely doing it wrong!  

Why Choose DuraCoat® Firearm Finish?

JB Guns is a factory certified DuraCoat finishing facility.

DuraCoat Firearm Finishes are the finest firearms finishes on the planet!  DuraCoat can be used to refinish a firearm back to its original shine and luster, or to give it a completely new look.

Over 53 camouflage patterns are available, as well as custom camouflage patterns to your liking.  DuraCoat can be combined to make any color in the spectrum in whatever sheen you prefer.   When I am finished with your firearm you’ll have a unique, durable, corrosion resistant finish that you’ll be proud of for years!
There are lots of options when it comes to DuraCoat.  Please call me with any questions you might have and I can help you decide exactly what is right in your application.

DuraCoat provides:
 - Outstanding abrasion, impact, chemical, and corrosion resistance

 - Huge selection of colors, sheens, clear finishes, unique one-of-a-kind looks, camo
             patterns, and old world technology recreations

  - Versatility - most DuraCoat® products can be applied to synthetics, ferrous metals, 
            stainless steel, alloys, wood, etc.

 - Can be applied to all types of guns including, but not limited to: handguns (pistols,
            revolvers, etc.), rifles (semi-automatic, bolt action, lever, etc.), and shotguns
           (semi-automatic, pump, break, etc.) as well as non-firearms like knives, hatchets and
            even Yetti cups!

Refinishing (one color or bi-tone)

Item*                                                   DuraCoat                                    Parkerizing
Barreled receivers                              $189.00                                         $180.00
Semi-auto rifles (metal only)               $265.50                                         $255.00
Handguns                                           $261.00                                         $248.00
Uppers/lowers                                    $58.50                                            N/A
Bolts                                                   $67.50                                            $54.00
Handgun slides                                  $63.00                                            $49.00
Handgun frames                                $153.00                                          $139.50
Pistol barrels                                      $45.00                                            $31.50
Rifle barrels                                       $90.00                                             $72.00
Mags                                                  $18.00                                            $13.50
Scopes                                              $72.00                                               N/A
Scope rings                                       $67.50                                             $45.00
Stocks                                                $81.00                                               N/A

Camouflage Prices

tem*                                     Group I     Group II     Group III     Group IV     Group V     Group VI

Barreled receivers                255.00     270.00       280.00         355.00        380.00        400.00
Semi-auto rifles (metal only) 320.00    330.00       350.00         435.00        470.00        500.00
Handguns                             265.00     280.00       295.00        365.00        400.00        465.00
Handgun slides                    110.00     115.00       120.50         155.00        165.00        175.00
Handgun frames                  150.00     155.00       165.00         210.00        220.00        230.00
Mags                                      20.00       20.00         25.00           30.00          35.00          50.00
Scopes                                110.00      115.00       125.00         155.00        165.00        175.00
Scope rings                           80.00        85.00         90.00         100.00        105.00        110.00
Bipods                                   80.00        85.00         90.00         100.00        105.00        110.00
Stock Sets                           175.00      180.00       190.00         230.00        255.00        300.00
Stocks                                  160.00      165.00       170.00         210.00        220.00        250.00
Suppressors/silencers          110.00      115.00       125.00        155.00        165.00        175.00

* as applicable, includes disassembly/reassembly

As you can see, pricing is based on the complexity of the finish you desire.  Our fees include, where applicable, any disassembly and reassembly required to apply the DuraCoat finish.
A 50% deposit is required at the time you drop off your firearm for finishing.  The balance is due upon pickup. 

Camouflage Groups

Group I                             Group II                       Group III                       Group IV                    Group V                   Group VI
Afghan                                   Underbrush                       Desert Storm                      ACU Desert                     Mirage Flage                    Multicolor
AmStripe                               Winter Twig                   Vietnam Tiger Stripe          Urban Mirage Flage      Wilderness Mirage Flage
Woodland Signature                 Marsh                                 Belgian                         Thailand Marine               Adv Tiger Stripe
Signature Snow                   Adv AmStripe                           Urban                            East German                   Diamond Plate
Bengal                                 Lady AmStripe                Woodland Prestige               Brick and Mortar                   CADPAT
Flame                               Goddess AmStripe                Egyptian Army                     Swiss Army                    Air Force ABU
Russian Army                        Rhodesian                         British DPM                     Arctic Mirage Flage             Navy NWU
South African                    Norwegian Army                 German Flecktarn                                                        Southern Viper
French Army                      Czech Republic               Russian Special Forces                                            Diamond Plate Stealth
Desert DPM                               Tribal
Barbed Wire                           Chain Link
Razor Wire                        Predator Fall Gray

!!!!! NOTICE  !!!!!

Since we will be keeping your firearm for several days, it will, by law, be logged in under our federal firearms license.  Whoever drops off the firearm must pick it up.   If that person can’t pick it up, then federal paperwork and a background check must be done on the person picking up the firearm.  In most instances this should not be an issue, but if you have any questions or concerns call us and we can explain this further to your satisfaction.