A little bit about me....

My name is John Brodigan and I own JB Guns, LLC a federally licensed firearms business that I operate from my home while attending Sports Shows, Gun Shows and Sportsman’s Swap meets.  I can assist you with just about all of your firearms purchases, but I can do more than just sales. I provide gunsmith services if you are in need of a repair or modification to a firearm you already own (see "Services" for pricing). Also, if you buy a firearm elsewhere and need a FFL to do the transfer for you, my price of $15.00 is hard to beat!  I have been around guns all my life. From an early age I was introduced to them and taught to respect them. I have owned rifles and shotguns, as well as, pistols and revolvers.
I am a formally trained gunsmith, graduating from Sonoran Desert Institute with an Associate in Firearms Technology with a 3.97 GPA.  I also hold Advanced Armorer Certification with the AR15, AR10 and 1911 platforms.
I have always had a fondness of the Soviet firearms, my first center fire rifle was a Mosin Nagant and my first Conceal Carry firearm was an East German Makarov. To expand my training into Soviet firearms I took a class taught by Vincent Buckles, owner of Messa Kinetic Research, LLC and famous for starring in Discovery Channel’s “Sons of Guns”.  In this class I was taught how to press fit barrels, rivet receivers, and how to modify triggers and safety selectors on the AK-47 platform. 
I am currently a member of the American Gunsmithing Association and the NRA. 

As I state in the "Why Choose DuraCoat" section, I am one of only FIVE Iowa factory certified finishers of DuraCoat and am the ONLY certified finisher in Northeastern Iowa! Unlike other shops that just purchase the product and apply it, I made the investment and became a factory certified applicator. 


Run from my home the showroom may be small but has most of what you need...from an AR build to ammo to cleaning supplies.  If its not here I can special order your item and can have it usually within the week.


To avoid damaging firearms special screwdrivers and other tools are required, all of which I have obtained during my training.

Machine  Work

Part of my training included milling and the use of the metal lathe.  A combo machine can sometimes be useful.